Yotzer Or

Sunrise, October 4, 2012

In the morning service, as one of the prayers before the Sh’ma, we praise G-d for creating light (“yotzer or”). In that prayer we also say “uv-tuvo m’chadeish b’chol yom tamid ma-asei v’resheet,” which means: “In goodness, G-d makes new the works of creation each day.”
Based thereon, one of the Hasidic Masters of old said: “The faithful one sees that every day is a new Creation, that all the worlds are new, that we ourselves have just been born.” Green & Holtz, Your Word is Fire ((1993), p. 28.

Imagine …
… you are created anew each day …
… given a new chance at life …
… an opportunity to correct mistakes, to verbalize a dream, to face a fear, to become a little more . . . You.

This morning, G-d created this sunrise . . .
… what might you do today?

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